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Installation of mini blinds.  Give us a shot on your next multi-family project


Wire shelving.  We make it look as good as the high budget stuff.

Ornamental iron.  We'll make a gate, light fixture, piece of wall or yard art, railing etc.

Want a custom play yard.  Give us a call.  We'll help design and build whatever you can imagine.  

Looking to do a wine cellar.  Ask us about custom wine racks and rooms.


Unbelievable quality

Our finish carpenters are artists.  They create masterpieces every day simply by doing their job.  This picture is of an addition connecting a 150 year old structure.  The owner wanted to use modern materials.  The only catch was the new materials had to appear as the old.  As you can see, the request was fulfilled.

Framing and structural steel 

Groove installs the best structures and understands the process of integrating red iron and wood.  We fabricate and install the two components simultaneously in the field.  This eliminates costly delays and inconsistencies noticed when two trades work on the same process instead of one.  Ask us to handle both disciplines on your next project and we'll prove it to you.

  • Gorgeous projects produced 

  • Discreet when discretion matters

  • Turn key options available

  • Our carpenters are second to none

  • Exceeding industry standards in installations

  • Safety trained and proven safety record

  • Ask about handy man services.  Our guys can do anything:

  • Paint

  • Drywall

  • General maintenance

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At Groove, we believe in relationships and team.  We strive to ensure a stellar working environment that stimulates efficiency and quality in all areas of construction.  Groove proudly boasts of its long-term employees and clients.  Long lasting relationships in both areas enable the high quality production for which Groove is best known.

We've been in business since 1995.  We have many clients and employees dating back to the beginning.


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